B2C marketing

It is important for new and upcoming brands to create demand from the end customer side. It minimizes the risk  and creates trust on the retailers side, if you can show your brand is already known and loved by early adopters. We have developed an out-of-box solution for this problem where you don’t need to invest a fortune to launch your brand in a new country!

The Curated Skin

We own and run an online shop specialized in curated cosmetic brands. Our brands can leverage this platform and add their products to our portfolio.

Hence, they can become part of our regular marketing program aiming at brand awareness building and if needed, we can run additional campaigns, PR events, etc. having already a retailer where customers can buy the products.

Marketing planning

When a brand decides to participate in our marketing program, we sit together and build a 6-12-18 months marketing plan for them. Targeting to their potential customers, fitting to their brand philosophy, budget and product pipeline.

Campaign Execution

We not only build the plan but also execute it. Help our brands in translation of marketing material, build, monitor and run Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad campaigns, organize events, create and send out PR packages, build their influencer base.

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