Bottega Organica


Bottega Organica is a 100% natural and organic skin care brand originated from Italy. The concept was born in 2013 from Dr. Andrea Alimonti’s breakthrough research. Everything that goes into the products is grown, harvested and naturally processed on their own farms in Italy and upstate New York.


Ignae is the result of years researching of the best anti-aging ingredients from the Azores, Portugal. Every product is formulated with the luxurious Regnerative Complex rich in growth factors extracted from milk derivatives to stimulate collagen production, Camelia japonica flower and thermal water from the Furnas Valley.


Ignae Skin Care

Youth Lab is a Greek multiple award-winning skin care line that focuses on enhancing skin metabolism. All products are specifically developed by Greek experts and tested by independent research laboratories to fight skin aging. The range includes cleansing, hydrating and anti-aging formulas, body care and sun care for all skin types.


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Proverb takes the understanding and efficacy of elite SPORTS NUTRITION and applies it to your skin. We harness CLEAN, ACTIVE, NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients such as proteins, anti-oxidants and enzymes, formulated for LAB PROVEN RESULTS. Proverb is a LIFEFUELLED training program comprising of skincare, supplements, and expert advice – driving your SKIN, BODY and MINDSET, to peak condition.


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o.Moi’ is a Danish skincare brand that is specialized in perfectly blending essential oils with botanical ingredients to create products that are caring for both your skin and your inner peace. The products are all natural and partially organic. With o.Moi you can really take some “me time” and enjoy the healing effect of essential oils. 


Ecooking is one of the most successful scandinavian skin care brands originated from Denmark. Each and every product has been designed to solve a specific skin care problem with ingredients as natural and organic as possible. Ecooking’s philosophy is to create skin care with amazing results that everyone can afford.

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