What we offer

We offer a full-fledged market introduction package for our retail and beauty professional customers for every brand we carry in our portfolio.

Exclusive brands & products

  • all our brands are exclusively available at us in Switzerland
  • we focus on innovative and award-winning indie and medium-sized brands
  • we try, test and evaluate every single brand and only the best gets to make it in our portfolio
  • all the products are free of parabens, mineral oils, SLS and formaldehyde. 99% of the products are formulated without alcohol.
  • all our brands are cruelty free, some are vegan, some are organic, while others are high-performing dermocosmetics
  • thus, every retailer can find the best fitting product line for their customers

Demand Generation

The strength of our approach lies in our own retail business. We built and developed an own retail channel, where we introduce the brands to the market. Our own retail brand: The Curated Skin is known to offer products that truly work, exceptional and new to the market.

Why bother with own retail channel?


  • we can create awareness for our brands, introduce them to influencers, magazines and editors
  • we can educate end customers about formulations, product features or how best use the products
  • it creates demand for the brands which in turn helps you as a retailer to sell the products more successfully

Training & Education

We know how important it is to have your staff trained and educated about the products. We provide continuous training path for all our retailers and beauty professional:

  • on-boarding program with on-site demo
  • training documentation in local language (print & digital)
  • serminars, webinars to deepen the knowledge about formulations and different use of the products

Marketing & Sales Support

We offer both online and offline tools to boost your sales. We produce locally most of the POS material and are able to customize them to your needs. Some examples:

  • flyers, brochures, post cards
  • sample sachets, delux samples
  • stoppers, displays, roll-ups, window displays
  • pictures, videos, digitalized and translated product information