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room fragrances

our scented candles and diffusers are made from natural raw materials of the highest quality. all room fragrances are mixed, poured, packaged and labeled by hand in our studio in zurich.
100% natural and sustainable soy candle wax
certified, cosmetic-grade fragrance oils
eco-friendly, glycerine-based diffuser base
reusable packaging

amber glass scented candles

the amber glass scented candles represent a minimalist and timeless design that fits perfectly into any home.

The containers are made of brown glass with a beautiful bamboo lid. the labels are made from recycled kraft paper, just like the box.

they have a high 7% fragrance oil content and in smaller rooms it is often enough to simply remove the lid. they burn for about 48 hours and are available in 15 scents.

amber glass reed diffusers

the amber glass reed diffusers - just like our amber glass candles - suit every interior. the glasses are medium-sized, brown pharmacy bottles (250 ml) filled with 150 ml of the mixture. the larger glass helps the scent formation and ensures stability.

the sticks are made of 5mm thick black natural fibers and have a much better scent distribution than conventional wooden sticks.

our eco-friendly diffuser base is based on glycerin, a by-product of biodiesel production (usually from soy) and has low VOC emissions.

the diffusers come with two sets of sticks and last about 3 months. available in 10 fragrances in a jar and as a refill pack.

silver rainbow scented candles

the silver rainbow scented candles have a sparse, almost alternative design that goes best with vintage interiors.

the containers are made of metal with colour-coded labels.

they have a high 7% fragrance oil content and in smaller rooms it is often enough to simply remove the lid. they burn for about 40 hours and are available in 15 scents.

camping chic scented candles

camping chic is our take on the swiss design idea. presented in a red enamel mug with old-school paper label (not glued to the mug!) and double wooden wick.

the burning time is around 48 hours and the candles are available in 15 scents.

of course, the cups can be easily cleaned and reused after they have burned down.