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Making cold process soaps - workshops

Would you like to make your own cold-process soaps? And that in the heart of Zurich? We got you!

We offer 3-hour cold process soap making workshops where you not only learn the process and key insights, but you can also take home your own 1.3 kg soap block (13 soap bars)!

Book now! The places are limited!

Workshop Days

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None of the current dates suit you? Everything is fully booked?
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About traditional soaps

Soap making using the traditional cold process is both a science and a real art form. Although the process of "soap boiling" is very old, the first soaps were made in Babylon almost 5000 years ago, nowadays the tradition of soap making is becoming more and more popular.

Traditional soaps are the salts contained in the fatty acids. These can be boiled out of the fatty acids with a sodium or potassium lye. Hence the name of the process.

The soap then no longer contains any lye. Unlike industrial soaps, traditional soaps are made from natural ingredients.

Source: Britannica.com

zsuzsa - course leader

owner of the curated. in addition to the daily marketing & sales tasks, she is the main product developer of the company and is constantly working on new recipes. she made her first experiences in the cosmetics industry and therefore her recipes are often based on the effectiveness and interaction of different ingredients.

if you have any questions, you can reach them at hello@thecurated.ch.